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Tute Shack

Posted: July 12th, 2010
at 8:24pm by Griff

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Adopt a baby … fund a film …

Having shot the film now I’m trying to ditch some of the random stuff I bought in a frenzy during it’s making in order to tide me over the time it takes to edit … the main bulk of which is this pretty mentally realistic baby doll & all its accessories I bought on Ebay for a couple of hundred quid. I always planned on selling it on, but I’m not in any mad panic, and having done a bit more research into the things (‘reborn’ dolls … look em up, its a slightly creepy, slightly tragic collectors scene) ( … like cabbage patch dolls but for adults) ( … hmmm) I thought I’d chance my arm and put a £1500.00 reserve on it!!! Given that its clearly shitloads better than the majority listed online, and now a filmstar, of sorts … you never know, the hope being that it might actually fund part of the film making, which I could really do with at the moment.

Worst that can happen is it doesn’t sell, but I’ve got 8 ‘watchers’ having only listed it two minutes ago so there’s potential.

… how do they know after only two minutes … ?

Click here to take a peek, but click quietly … she’s sleeping ….

UPDATE:  SOLD: £1650.00 !!!

Posted: July 12th, 2010
at 7:56pm by Griff

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She didn’t stand a chance …

A corner of the props department courtesy of the lanky blizzard of facial hair & talent that is Scott Garrett.

Scott’s an amazing illustrator/artist who shares a studio in Hastings with myself and a couple of others, and he was kind enough to lend me a fraction of one percent of his collection of pottery based nonsense. He’s not only a superb illustrator, but he’s gifted with an indisputable talent for spotting cheap shit that nobody else wants, and then buying and displaying it with a flourish that makes you think it might not be as shit as you thought it was when you saw it in the shop window that time and walked past muttering ‘thats shit’.

Posted: July 12th, 2010
at 9:58am by Griff

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Pick ups

… were done Friday and all went fine. Nothing too hectic, just a couple of missing shots and sequences for the titles. I still feel there may be holes, but they’ll need to be plugged at a later date, and after a more accomplished edit.

Many thanks, again, as ever, to Davie & Sam for an enormous amount of travelling followed by work, and for nowt in return. Much appreciated.

Posted: July 12th, 2010
at 9:52am by Griff

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Shooting Birds

… spent today filming storks.

Like a cross between a dinosaur and a brolly, or a skinless pelican in a tuxedo, they manage to be hideous, menacing, rather beautiful and funny all at once.

Arrrrr, birds eh?

Posted: July 8th, 2010
at 10:14pm by Griff

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Forget the film

… watch the titles

Posted: July 7th, 2010
at 9:11am by Griff

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Stewart Read

Todays ‘many thanks’ award goes to Stewart Read, the don of the 5DMk11 who assisted and solved my amateur footage fumblings this morning with an entirely unexpected bespoke movie tutorial.

For anyone remotely interested in the Canon’s capabilities you could do worse than spend half an hour on Stewart’s blog which champions the thing to within an inch of its life. Below you can see a picture of him preparing to throttle a tall stranger.

Essentially I’d had a load of trouble with codecs, and was trying to cut it in Final Cut Express which – despite advice to the contrary – lacked the one codec I needed, so it was like pushing lumps of concrete around. One round trip to brighton and a reluctant purchase of Final Cut Pro later … and having sieved the footage through MPEG Streamline … I’m bringing in the footage as ProRes 422LT movies and it cuts … beautifully. To be honest I probably needed a bit of space between the shoot and the edit to clear my head a bit, but I’d never have been so sensible as to actually do that, without my spamhanded technical ability forcing me to – so in the long run it’ll undoubtedly, hopefully, make for a better edit.

Posted: July 5th, 2010
at 3:19pm by Griff

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With little jobs like this, crews and cast sign up as much for the process as they do the money it pays. The problem is that this commitment is rarely backed up by the final job lending any sort of clout, kudos or publicity. Given this fact, and the length of time it’ll most likely take to see through the edit and post on this, I thought I’d take the time to flag up who did what. All of the crew without exception did a more than great job, with great effort and good humour under hot, hurried and not entirely hygienic conditions, so many thanks to one and all.

Cast: Ian – Davie McKay, Georgie – Kate Dickie, June – Lorraine Stanley, Inspector Stevens – Gary Lewis, Baby – Sullivan, Suzie the dog – currently missing.

Director of Photography: Sam Brown

1st AD/dog handler: Dominic Thompson Talbot

Focus Puller: Oleg Poupko

Sound: Stuart Pickering

DIT: Bjarte Rettedal

Spark: Adam Hopper

Runner: Sammi Rose Davies

Story by: Philip Ardagh & Griff

Animal props: Bill Cave at Medway

Stills Photographer: Tom

Catering: Sandra at Rye Cafe

Locations: Seagulls – David & Sandra, Broomhill Farm – Frank Cooke, Garden Cottage – John Tart

Permissions: Maurice Ede at Network4m, Owain East at Shepway

Bicycle provided by Bells Bicycles, Hastings

Camera & Kit Hire:

Thanks also to – Dogboy, Maryam Hunwick, Conor Connelly, Dan@Shift4, Dennis the Sheep Farmer, Sven Harding, Scott Garrett (for the birds), Lucy Doyle, Jonty Brooke, Tom & Anna, Kelly Taylor at Spotlight, Gareth Dickson, James Foster and Sally x.

Posted: July 2nd, 2010
at 11:03am by Griff

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Thanks Bill!

… who made this blog look a whole lot nicer and hooked it up to this URL.

He very good.

Also He part of this.

Also He look like this …

Fanks Billiam.x

Posted: July 2nd, 2010
at 7:49am by Griff

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Themes …

Realised today that visually this is so similar to the Cinematic promo it’s ridiculous. I ought to sue myself for lack of idea infringement. I’m well aware my love of rusty, birdshitty, rustic squalor stems from paintings of Anglesey my dad used to do when I was little, but the themes of frail women with medical conditions, nursing long dark locks and smocks, rifling through boxes of papery wotnots with a look of wistful melodramatic concern is more worrying. Not sure where that comes from. My mums in rude health with curly hair so she’s out. Obviously a conscious/subconscious issue/obsession that I need to vent/get therapy for/embellish/ keep to myself.

Actually … while I’m here I’ve realised the probable source … Andrew Wyeth was a big deal in our house … this image is clearly one that stuck with me.

I should probably try and maintain an air of mystery, but that went out the window when I accidentally let a little fart out in front of my wife on our second date.

Posted: July 1st, 2010
at 11:57am by Griff

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