It’s a wrap!

So Friday saw us finish up, pack up and get the fuck out of Camber. Job done!

It was a pretty full on week to say the least, not helped by the fact that after months of planning I understandably lost my Director of Photography to a commercial two days before the shoot, only to manage to get another that same day in the shape of the very talented Mr Sam Brown.

After that it’s all a bit of a blur – and its only really as of last night that I’ve managed to get my head straight, get a decent sleep and take a proper look through the rushes.

As ever there are some scenes that look absolutely blinding, and others that feel a bit thin, or are actually missing, but its the edit that’ll reveal any major issues if there are any, and the plan is to shoot some pick ups on the 9th for sequences we just couldn’t fit into the five day schedule, so no panic.

As i say its probably apparent from this, but its actually hard to genuinely enthuse yet – not because I’m down, or because it wasn’t enjoyable, because it was absolutely cracking – but just because I think I’m in a little bit of shock that it all really did actually happen. Plus I was just fucking exhausted I think, from the pressure, the hours, the heat and just the stress of funding lunch!

Seeing a cast of that calibre actually come all that way to pretend to be people you’ve thought up is a really odd experience. It was tricky initially to listen to dialogue with anything but embarrassment, and I felt like a fraud and a lightweight but at the same time flattered and thrilled to be doing it, and after a little while, now and again, I managed to pull my head out of my arse and just enjoy it and see it for what it was – and its just fucking brilliant.

The cast is tiny, Kate Dickie, Davie McKay, Gary Lewis and Lorraine Stanley – but I can happily say all four of them were on top form and are the real deal … as i say its no exaggeration to say they pushed it all over the place, read it in ways I hadn’t expected and made every line better without exception.

Not only that but they also manage to be genuinely lovely, generous, funny and clued up people off camera – though they are very good actors and could well have been desperate to sack it off and I’d have been non the wiser! Regardless, its been an experience I’m not going to forget and I’m really excited and just a little daunted at the thought of attempting an edit.

Time to sup a brew and procrastinate I reckon.

Posted: June 29th, 2010
at 11:03am by Griff

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