Got another job starting next week, which is great – because it’s a nice one – but it does mean I need to stop chasing Festival deadlines.

I tend to work by compositing something that looks alright – but over wanky – and then try and dial it back in increments to something that’s more convincing so it doesn’t distract. This is a habit as there’s little method in it – and it’s like doing it twice, and in such tiny increments, that there’s many hours of just pretty much staring at the screen and tapping cursors left and right … basically I work hard, but I’m so, so bloody slow.

From here on in I’m gonna tinker when I can between jobs, and it’ll be done when it’s finished. There’s no hurry, after it’s already taken so long to get this far anyways.

Posted: February 18th, 2011
at 12:10pm by Griff

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  1. Tiredness is hard… I know the feeling all too well, for different reasons at the mo. But I’d argue it’s better to feel some joy in the process than be tired and sort of pissed at the work, slogging it out to meet festival deadlines. :)

    Neil Snowdon

    18 Feb 11 at 12:24 pm



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