Look out Daddy!

Showing my age here, but the Hulk tv series of the late 70’s was a big deal in our house as a kid,  if the truth be told it was generally a bit shit, with the exception of this early sequence where a bit of a stressful tyre change introduces the character for the first time. Even now it puts the hairs on my arms on end, the music and horror tone still work for me … though even in this pilot episode they ruin it with a rapid descent into some daylit slow motion tent tossing.

That said – they made the right choice in incorporating this sequence into the titles of the show. In much the same way that the titles for The Six Million Dollar Man and Doctor Who were more often than not the highlight of the show, their bookending the program guaranteed that I’d tune in each week. (this was, of course, before ye olde vhs, t’internet and video on demand and whatnot)

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Posted: October 9th, 2012
at 8:00pm by Griff

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  1. Despite being able to zip past opening credits these days, we still watch some in full when they’re so good and the perfect segueway into the show. Sopranos, Mad Men, Boardwalk Empire, Fringe spring to mind. Not so much those of The Newsroom – sheesh – overlong, overblown and overlong.


    17 Oct 12 at 1:39 pm



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