A change of sound is currently a BIG help.

I’ve just ditched all the audio and plonked ambient tracks sourced from here ‘n there over the non dialogue scenes. Just bird song, radio commentary, etc, it’s not a big change, but it really glues all the cuts together.

Some of the issues I’ve had up to now were related to cutting with camera recorded sound present – (the intention being to replace this with on set recordings from Stu at a later date) – which made it surprisingly hard, for me anyway, to gage the pacing when each cut has its own audible click or volume change or whatever, and especially when my unintelligible monotone mumble chips in with ‘ok, kate’ or ‘nice’ or ‘lets have another one of those’ like some gigantic, booming, retarded, off-camera muppet. Similarly cutting it silent is tricksy as in a way the cuts seem to look clunky, probably because when theres nowt to listen to your senses re-adjust and your eyes over compensate. Or something.

Chopping this patchy sound out has really blended it all together far better, and I actually reckon its beginning to work, at least the first 6 minutes I’ve done to near finished standard anyhooo (I’ve done more but as mentionned yesterday, these are currently stand alone vignettes).

I’m still too FuCkinG slow though … CHOP! CHOP!

Posted: July 28th, 2010
at 1:48pm by Griff

Categories: Stork Nest

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