One week to go and …

… I’m getting getting pretty nervous, and excited, but mostly nervous.

Weather’s really all over the place, which doesn’t help … but whatever it’s like I’ll have to go with it.

Lots of fiddly stuff to sort out this coming week. Mainly the little things I’ve been putting off because they’re pretty tedious or tricksy, and all the while fighting the urge to sack it all off and save myself some money and sweat. God alone knows how people cope with getting features off the ground … but if this goes badly I’ll most likely not get to find out so there’s always that as a positive.

kind of …

On a more positive note … I’m contemplating using tracks by these lovely fellows over the titles:

Both of whom are super friendly, super generous and super talented.

I’ve also got a Bonnie Prince Billy track in mind which I’ve had niggling at me as being perfect since I wrote the first draft, but which I most likely can’t afford to use. We’ll see – no harm in asking.

Posted: June 13th, 2010
at 10:07pm by Griff

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