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The Gift – progress

Okay so in regards to the short that this blog is supposedly about (!), progress is leisurely, but progress never the less.

I’m currently ‘refining’ the edit a little, with the benefit of not having looked at it for a month or three I’ve made some little improvements here and there, nothing drastic, but hopefully for the better.

Audio wise, once the edit is locked in around a weeks time, I’m handing it over to Atticsound up the coast a bit in Brighton. I met Attic’s Anna at a short film seminar a few weeks back and she’s now on board to mix the audio and provide foley, and it’s all got that little bit more exciting.

FX wise Daffy’s doing well on the pylons, with birds to follow, all of the above being aimed at a completion around the end of May in order to have a week or so to get it off to the London Film Festival, which (fingers, toes and nuts crossed) would be a terrific way to launch it if they go for it. The odds are against it, but I’m as happy as I can be without doing an entire reshoot! … so you never know.

Posted: April 6th, 2011
at 9:50pm by Griff

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