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All Hail Philip Ardagh!

Just over two years ago I decided to try and write a short story, and I struggled. I had an idea which encompassed most of the elements that made it into the script for The Gift, but it was extremely different to how it ended up – which is now, at the very least, readable.

This is in no small part due to the involvement of a gigantic, fearsomely bearded gentleman by the name of Philip Ardagh. He’s a clever bugger who’s brief casual conversation contains wittier, cleverer, more abundant ideas than most people can manage in a lifetime. He took the ideas I had and came up with something far clearer, far more subtle and simply better than I could have done. All that i can hope is that I manage to again bring it to its knees in the edit.

Incidentally the fact that I thought of approaching him while I was trying to write about a thatched storks nest atop a towering, splay-legged pylon is in absolutely no way a reflection on Phil’s appearance.

Here he is waffling on …

Here he is typing away …

Posted: June 16th, 2010
at 10:41am by Griff

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