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Posted: May 20th, 2011
at 9:49am by Griff

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Music/Score …

In addition to the music of Gareth Dickson … I’ve just secured usage of a number of tracks by Max Richter, many thanks to Simon Ballard at Mute / FatCat Records. This is a good thing and you can read about why here, Mr Richter’s a pretty talented fella to say the least.

I’ve been trying to work with him since I got him to pitch on a commercial some years back, and while I’m merely pilfering from his ready made back catalogue for this, (he’s an increasingly busy man with bigger films than this to score) the tracks are bloody beautiful stuff and should give the scenes proper clout.

Posted: September 6th, 2010
at 2:12pm by Griff

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Getting there …

Completed the first cut of the penultimate scene last night. Apologies i can’t post it here, I would be quite happy to post work in progress which’d make this blog far more worthwhile, but it’d likely impact on my ability to get it into festivals further down the line (they often demand exclusivity in some cases, at least in regards to web screening) so rough cuts and ‘makings of’ will most likely be posted to the blog after the finished films aired somewhere. Plus of course it’d be a big ol’spoiler.

The scene actually works great, very pleasantly surprised to say the least … it’s a pivotal scene, clearly, but its also quite subtle, but it actually has the tension and gravitas that I was very worried it lacked right up until last night. It’s amazing what cutting can add – it’s a hugely underrated element of filmmaking.

Anyhows, I need to wrap up the very end and then go back to the start soon and run over everything again, the middle has had very little attention spent on it, so still some way to go but very chuffed for once. Yup yup!

Posted: September 2nd, 2010
at 9:01am by Griff

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Davie, me and Kate


I might be towering over them in what looks like some freakish trick of perspective, but these little hobbits are really the most phenomenal actors.

I got a bit concerned at one point that this blog could be seen to be a bit gay and gushy and fawning, but fuck it, theres enough venom on the interpipe already to fuel a world war, but these people are the real deal. To sit on set and see them perform is genuinely exciting and very involving, utterly unlike watching a film, or even stage work. It’s all played with a realism, so it often feels a bit intrusive to be sat staring at them when something apparently very personal and intimates going on, like you shouldn’t be there, and also subtle to the extent that you’re not sure its enough … until, of course, you see it on screen.

Over the past few years I’ve had the pleasure and privelege to work with a handful of the cream of British acting talent (bit of an unsavoury image that), what with these two, Lorraine, Gary, Peter Mullan and Julia Ford. It’s something you take lightly at the time cos they turn up and give it the banter and laugh at your shit jokes and shake everybody’s hand, but they’re a pretty rare bunch, and if there’s one thing thats consistent between them, its their intelligence and diligence. They all just seem to be very aware, observant, sensitive people, and in complete contrast to the bullshit paparazzi hounded vacuous diva types you’re sold in the press (and who in all likelihood don’t actually exist outside of the articles), these guys are self effacing, self aware, generous people. You certainly couldn’t do what they do if you were thick, or at least not very well, and it explains why I’m sat behind a laptop screen instead of in front of a camera, and I’m quite happy with that given how this photo turned out.

Posted: July 13th, 2010
at 9:18pm by Griff

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