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Incidentally …

The whole thing was shot on a Canon 5D mk2 courtesy of the very accommodating  Shift4. Beautiful little camera, though its hard to spot in the mountain once everything’s been bolted and glued and strapped on. It’s not without problems, and by all accounts needs some work to graduate to a proper dedicated piece of film kit, but for a production of this scale it was fantastic. Mental considering its price.

In regards to where it goes from here, we’ve got some extra shots and pick ups to shoot in a week or so, just non dialogue sequences we couldn’t squeeze in, and shots of a Marabou Stork at Eagle Heights which’ll be dictated to a degree by the rough cut edit – hence us shooting that a little later.

So first up is a rough edit – then pick ups and extra shooting – then sound mixing – post production effects – a grade – and titles … these’ll be tricking along over the next few weeks and I’ll update as and when I’ve woken up from my post coital stupor!

Posted: June 29th, 2010
at 12:27pm by Griff

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